As a member of is easy and straightforward to get paid the money you earn on your account.

When you participate in a survey, either directly from a link in one of our email newsletters or via a survey when you are logged in to, you are always made aware of how much time we believe that the study will last (in minutes) – and what reward you will get if you can complete the survey properly (in £).

Withdrawal limit

Once you have earned 8 £ , you have the right to withdraw your money.

  • You can get paid to a PayPal account associated with the same email as you are registered with the It is very important that it is the same email to the payment working properly. It is free to create a PayPal account if you do not have one already. From PayPal you can with a few clicks send the money on to your regular bank account – or spend it directly online from your PayPal account.

How much you are rewarded for participating in a survey?

All rewards from studies from will be calculated based on the length of the study is estimated to last. This calculation is made based on what other users average user to reply to the survey.

Panelist reward model

The model below illustrates what a panelist will normally earn for a completed survey of a given length in minutes.

FROM (minutes) TO (minutes) PRICE
0 2 0.16 GBP
3 4 0.24 GBP
5 5 0.32 GBP
6 7 0.40 GBP
8 9 0.48 GBP
10 11 0.64 GBP
12 13 0.72 GBP
14 15 0.88 GBP
16 18 1.04 GBP
19 20 1.20 GBP
21 23 1.36 GBP
24 25 1.44 GBP
26 27 1.68 GBP
28 30 2.08 GBP
31 35 2.24 GBP
36 + 2.80 GBP

All payments and surveys handled by CINT AB